Association of Open University Graduates

Getting Involved in Civic Receptions

AOUG Members:
Would you like to help organise a Civic Reception in your region?

  • Do you have good communication skills and are willing to assist your Executive Representative by finding out the required contact for the Mayoral Office?
  • Would you be able to assist in the production of special newsletters or badges for handing out at the event?
  • Would you be willing to attend the event early to welcome the new graduates and their partners?
  • Would you like to attend the event as a local AOUG member and assist in generally socialising to congratulate the new graduates, and tell them a little about AOUG?

Local Councillors:

  • Would your local Mayor be willing to host a Civic Reception for between 20 - 30 new OU graduates and their partners?
  • Would you be willing to assist in the hosting of the event?

New Graduates:

  • Would you like to find out if your region is hosting a Civic Reception in the year of your graduation?

Open University Graduates:

  • Have you attended a Civic Reception for new graduates in the past?
  • Would you be willing to write a short piece about your experience of the event?
  • Do you have any photographs of the event?


If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, then please contact the AOUG Office or your AOUG Executive Representative direct. See the Executive Committee page