Association of Open University Graduates
Founder member Olga Camm

AOUG says goodbye to Founder

Olga Camm left school in 1933. In the late 1960s she heard about The Open University, which was taking students without A-levels being required. She enrolled, taking S100 in 1971. From its inception, she was Chair of Fylde Open University Students' Association (OUSA). She was a life member of OUSA.

After graduating in 1977, Olga tried unsuccessfully to gather scattered, informal graduate groups into a federation. Barbara Senior, a member of Fylde, wrote to Vice-Chancellor John Horlock asking for assistance to form an OU graduates' association. The University called a meeting at Walton Hall in December 1985. Olga became Chair of the Steering Group, and in 1989 was elected as the first Chair of the Association of Open University Graduates (AOUG). She was a member of the OU Council from 1986 to 1991. She also represented the OU and AOUG at the Conference of University Convocations (CUC), significantly raising awareness of the OU's qualities.

Olga took part in the Association's 2012 AGM and passed away peacefully a few days later on 11th June 2012.