Association of Open University Graduates
Tatjana Dragovic

The AOUG Vice-Chancellor Sir John Daniel Award for Education and Language Studies

2008 recipient Tatjana Dragivic

The AOUG Vice Chancellor Sir John Daniel Award for the Facility of Education and Language Studies was established in 2002. Tatjana Dragivic was the 6th recipient of this award and was introduced by Dr Linda Haggarty. Professor Anna Craft supervisor to Tatjana has written the following:- ‘Tatjana is in her final year of the EdD studies with the OU. She is a graduate of the OU with an MA in Education.  Tatjana's work has been exemplary throughout her period of study. She is diligent, energetic and a highly organised student, bringing a thorough, thoughtful approach to her work with an exceptional level of reflection and originality.  A committed educator working fluently in English as an additional language, she has chosen to investigate the professional identity of Slovenian teachers, some of whom have experienced professional development structured using neuro-linguistic programming, and some of whom have not. Her study is intelligently designed, and has been executed to a very high level of competence. Tatjana's work looks set to make a valuable contribution in the field and has attracted the attention of Professor Howard Gardener, at Harvard University, whose work on professional excellence led Tatjana to contact him.  He has requested a copy of the thesis once it is complete, and has encouraged members of his research team to share instruments and ongoing work with Tatjana.  Her work is undertaken at a high level of rigour and in my experience of working with doctoral students, is quite exceptional.'