Association of Open University Graduates

Awards in the Regions and Nations

AOUG Foundation for Education sponsors an annual Award in each of the Regions and Nations, which were first introduced in 1997. All recipients receive a framed certificate and a small monetary gift in recognition of their achievement.

Nominations for these Awards may be made by any graduate, student, or OU staff member. However a graduate may not self-nominate.

  • The criteria are set by a majority agreement of the Directors/Trustees.
  • The recipient must be nominated for the Award.
  • The recipient must have gained their Open University degree at either ordinary level or honours level, within the presenting Region or Nation
  • The recipient's Open University degree must be the first degree they have gained
  • The recipient must have overcome some adversity over and above that of the average student.

Where several suitable candidates are nominated, the Executive Representative may use additional criteria, such as level of achievement or intention to study further courses with the Open University. Candidates are selected by the trustees of the charity so that no more than one Award is presented in each of the Regions or Nations.

Presentations of Regions and Nations Awards take place in the recipients own Region or Nation either as a special AOUG Award ceremony or as part of a larger OU ceremony.

Invited attendees are usually*:

  • Recipient
  • Recipient's family and/or requested friends
  • AOUG Executive Representative
  • AOUG local members
  • OU Assistant Director, Student Services or National Director

* Occasionally at the request of the recipient, private presentations are made