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AOUG Baroness Lee of Asheridge Award for Maths, Computing and Technology

2014 recipient Simon Butler

Simon Butler received this Award in 2014 for “An Approach to the Structural Analysis of Java Identifier Names”. He was presented by Dr Michel Wermelinger. The research concerned the ways in which developers combine words, acronyms and abbreviations to create identifier names.

Simon first studied a course on ethics with The Open University in 1992. 10 years later he returned to study, focusing on digital communications and software engineering. In 2007 he graduated with a first class honours degree in Information Technology and Computing. During his final two years of undergraduate study, Simon decided that he would like to try the challenges of postgraduate study. After exploring the options available, he applied for, and was accepted as a part-time postgraduate student in the Computing Department at The Open University, commencing his studies in 2008.