Association of Open University Graduates

2005 AGM

A Weekend North of the Border | A Spring Weekend | A Snapshot of Glasgow

Snapshots of Glasgow

The fact that my back is undone once again and a new film is wound in suggests to me that my owner is off on his travels again. I sense we are driving north and I remember hearing the name Glasgow mentioned, and I know it is the time of the year that the AOUG Spring Weekend and AGM is held.

Following the suggested directions we arrive at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in the centre of Glasgow. It is not long before I am in use taking pictures of the statues and magnificent City Chambers which dominate George Square in the heart of the city. The sun shone brightly (as it did throughout our stay) allowing me to give of my best to take many pictures on our tour on the open-top bus.

Later that day I could hear the sounds as friends and acquaintances greeted each other after signing in at the reception desk – many were heard expressing delight at the Welcome Pack and specially scribed pen given out to everyone. I remained upstairs for the evening meal and it transpired later that three worthy winners swept the board at the entertaining quiz.

After early breakfast on the Saturday I was secreted in a bag to the AGM where the formal matters, such as voting for the financial accounts were quickly dealt with. There followed the Open General Meeting where the four tabled Motions were resolved very amicably. At the Executive Meeting which followed it was good to hear that all the vacant posts had been filled. I am sure I heard my owner say this augured well for the next year.

Part of the afternoon was taken up by a brainstorming session and I heard someone telling my owner that some useful ideas were forthcoming focussed on the way forward for the Association. I was taken on a train ride to see the Burrell Collection in the centre of a large park. With my owner I toured round the excellently displayed artefacts collected from all over the world. I was glad to be of some use as photography was allowed. At some stage a fine looking glass box (a present for my owner's wife) decorated in the unique artistic style of the world famous Glaswegion, Rennie Mackintosh, was placed carefully beside me in the camera bag.

The Buchanan Suite at the hotel was bedecked with table decorations for the Gala Dinner where, resting beside my owner's feet, I heard the speaker, Mr. Robert Brown, MSP, as he gave an interesting talk on the recent history of the Scottish Parliament. I though that I might be of use at the ensuing very lively Ceilidh and disco but I remained shut as my owner was too busy taking part!

Before leaving the city on the Sunday, I was taken aboard a boat to travel a few miles seaward on the river Clyde where I was used to take pictures of such sites as the Finneston Crane which survives as a reminder of the city's industrial past. More of my film was used at the Clyde Auditorium building, known locally as the Armadillo, modelled on the famous Sydney Opera House. Finally I was packed away for the homeward journey but not before I heard many people saying what a successful and friendly weekend it had been and congratulating Alec Jones for all the hard work he had put in.

From Canon EOS (owned by Ramsey Hertzog - Region 07)