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Association of Open University Graduates
Honorary Life Membership
 Karen Chandler (Bradbury)

Karen Chandler, (recently married), is better known to Open University staff and AOUG members as Karen Bradbury. Karen worked at The Open University as Events and Catering Manager until her retirement in 2014, having joined the OU Estates Department in September 2005 and previously having worked as General Manager at the Moore Place Hotel and before that as the Deputy Food and Beverage Manager at the Selsdon Park Hotel.

The Association relies on the support of OU Estates for facilitating all arrangements for activities both on campus and for the transportation of material to and from OU external events but have often needed advice and guidance regarding the facilities available, or the procedures for their arrangements. AOUG Officers were introduced to Karen soon after her arrival at the OU and found her work ethic and her desire to help far in excess of what would normally be expected. 

Karen took a keen interest in what AOUG was trying to achieve and showed her understanding of the dedication of our volunteers. Not being OU staff, there have been many occasions when AOUG have been unaware of changes in procedure or unsure of how to undertake a particular task or as to who to contact in a given situation. When these problems arose, the usual suggestion would be “Ask Karen”. Karen did not have all the answers but she always knew who had or how to progress through a new challenge and she was always there to offer guidance. Throughout her time at the OU, Karen has explained systems, suggested names for contacts, and in some cases speeded up actions by cutting through red tape on our behalf. She has helped to facilitate the smooth processes for many, many projects. In addition Karen gave he own time to voluntarily assist as our Returning Officer for the annual elections and resolutions voting.

In short Karen has gone above and beyond what her OU role expected of her and she has been a true friend to AOUG, someone who AOUG Officers could confide in and ask for advice and from who they knew that they would always get the honest answer.

Proposed by Lesley Sleigh
Approved by the Officers, the Executive Committee and the members -
AGM May 2015