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Elizabeth and Jack Mount

Association of Open University Graduates
Honorary Life Membership
Elizabeth Mount 

In 2008, Elizabeth Mount agreed to be a Local Contact for a group of AOUG members living in the Exeter area. The previously flourishing, but separate, Devon and Cornwall Open University Graduates Association. (DCOUGA), formed in 1987, had recently closed. DCOUGA, was a break-away group, from the original AOUG Steering group, impatient to get going and who established a year before AOUG was officially launched. DCOUGA did all the things that AOUG had planned to do and so it had always been difficult for AOUG Executive Representatives in the South West to get much support for their endeavours.

There being no Executive Representative for the South West, Elizabeth and two other new Local Contacts were invited to attend Executive Committee meetings in turn. Elizabeth made such a good impression with her enthusiastic involvement in all the discussions and her forthright explanation of ideas, that the committee decided to invite her to be co-opted as Executive Representative immediately. Elizabeth's sense of fair play insisted that the other groups were consulted before she would accept.

Elizabeth went on to be elected and her drive and encouragement took AOUG's work in her Region from nowhere to having three very active, integrated groups, which welcomed past DCOUGA members into their midst and smoothed out the hiccups along the way. Then with the support of her Regional Director, Elizabeth established the Regional Award system for the South West, got volunteers  to degree ceremonies, started a Local Newsletter and even got our literature distributed on OU stands at Country Fairs - all within 18 months. 

Elizabeth planned to the tiniest detail and all her events were well supported and fully appreciated. Later Elizabeth's Region acted as host for the Taunton AGM weekend and not only did she undertake all the organisation of excursions, raffle and entertainment with nothing more than approval required from the Officers, she also kept the Officers on their toes checking they were doing all our duties too. Elizabeth did far more than was ever expected of her, creating a thriving Region in a very short space of time. Since finishing her term as Executive Representative, Elizabeth has continued to work unselfishly in the
Exeter area, maintaining this vibrant group, and continues to take a keen interest in all Association issues.

Proposed by Jean Hertzog
Approved by the Officers, the Executive Committee and the members - AGM May 2013