Association of Open University Graduates

Getting Involved Association Level

Anyone can get involved at Association Level but you would be advised to try the smaller tasks and learn as much as you can about your Association before standing for nomination for the Executive Committee. Having said that the main qualities of any EC member are enthusiasm, sociability, an understanding of responsibility and the ability to communicate regularly.

  • Attend a Associationl event.
  • Attend the AOUG Foundation Annual Lecture
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Attend an AOUG Foundation for Education National Award Ceremony
  • Attend OU Open Day
  • Write about your OU or AOUG experiences for the AOUG archive
  • Purchase some AOUG merchandise
  • Make a donation to the AOUG Foundation for Education
  • Sign a covenant to AOUG Foundation for Education
  • Write a letter/poem to OMEGA
  • Write an account of an event for OMEGA
  • Send in Photographs for OMEGA or the website
  • Write an item for the Members' page on the AOUG website
  • Donate a copy of any book/paper you have had published
  • Vote on all Resolutions and Motions
  • Vote for a candidate for your Executive Representative post
  • Vote on all Resolutions and Motions
  • Submit a Resolution or Motion for the Annual General Meeting
  • Be an assentor for a candidate for your Executive Representative post
  • Stand for election for the post of Executive Representative yourself
  • Be an assentor for a candidate for an AOUG Officer.
  • Stand for election as a candidate for an AOUG Officer post.

For more information on any of these suggestions, please contact the AOUG Office.

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