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Museum of Timekeeping
taken by Ramsey Hertzog


Lincoln Celebration Meal
taken my Jean Hertzog

Southwell Workhouse
taken by Ramsey Hertzog

Lincoln Waterfront Lunch Venue
taken by Ramsey Hertzog

Air Raid Shelter in Nottingham Caves
taken by Ramsey Hertzog

Giant Puppet in Hull
taken by Jean Hertzog





News of AOUG in East Midlands (05)

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Museum of Timekeeping - July 2018

Around 1830 an amateur artist, Thomas Wright, set about redesigning a Manor House in Upton so that it could house his substantial collection of paintings by such artists as Gainsborough and Hogarth. Following owners of the property included the owner of a brewery and a religious order. The current owners are the Museum of Timekeeping and it was here that some AOUG members visited to wander amongst an amazing collection of timekeeping pieces. These included a pocket watch used by Captain Scott on his fateful expedition to the South Pole to the original Speaking Clock. One of the many stands at the exhibition was on Big Ben which is currently under major repair – a guide explained that its hour hand is 2.7 metres long. After enjoying a drink, our members dispersed after a most unusual but fascinating visit.

Ramsey Hertzog








Lincoln Celebration Meal - June 2018

During the very hot spell our members met for lunch at a waterfront pub in Lincoln where we had a celebration meal and drank a toast to celebrate the thirtieth Anniversary of our Association.

Ramsey Hertzog

Southwell Workhouse - May 2018

Members met at the oldest surviving Victorian Workhouse at Southwell. Here we were shown the various enclosed courtyards with men kept at one end and women at the other. In the middle children were housed with some sort of education available. Able bodied men smashed stones and women were often employed untying ropes into strands. The whole visit was especially sobering. We also saw a temporary exhibition about the Suffragettes with paintings of some of the women involved on loan from the National Portrait Gallery.

Ramsey Hertzog

Lincoln Waterfront Lunch Venue - March 2018

Members met at a waterfront pub on the waterfront in Lincoln and over lunch we swapped news, particularly the news of The Open University. Members also made useful suggestions for further visits later in the year one of these was to visit the International Bomber Command Centre opened this year, on the outskirts of Lincoln, to especially celebrate the centenary of the RAF in 2018.

Ramsey Hertzog

Air Raid Shelter in Nottingham Caves - January 2018

On one visit we literally went underground at Nottingham. Many properties are built on sandstone and for centuries caves have been dug out below houses. Having donned hard hats our guide showed us where there used to be an underground tannery, explaining that workers there would never have contracted the plague albeit they might have succumbed to the chemicals. During World War II some caves were used as shelters and some members donned gas masks which were on display. Nearby was the National Justice Museum and apart from the fascinating exhibits there was a mock court case held in what, until recently, was a Crown Court. Visitors were invited to take various parts in the court case.

Ramsey Hertzog

Giant Puppet in Hull - November 2017

Members crossed the Humber Bridge to have a day visit to Hull. This was a ‘Handshake event’ meeting with members from both Yorkshire and the North West. We met at the Ferens Art Gallery which had reopened earlier in the year after major refurbishment in time to celebrate the city which had been granted City of Culture 2017. We spent time looking at the four entries for the national Turner Prize competition with varied opinions as to which one should be a worthy winner. Some members stayed into the evening to watch the giant puppet parade with effigies being paraded along the streets accompanied by music and dancers – a truly spectacular event enjoyed by all. On returning to our cars which had been parked all day, there was no fee as the parking meters had crashed after a computer failure.

Ramsey Hertzog


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