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St Albans Catherdral

St Albans Catherdral




Welcome to AOUG in the East of England (06)

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The East of England Region covers many counties and unfortunately the only area with a Local Group with regular meetings is that based around St Albans.

Members in this St Albans of the Region meet monthly for coffee and sometimes lunch at the Peahen , 14, London Road, St Albans and have also been involved in handshake events into London . These St Albans events and London handshakes were arranged by the then Executive Representative, but following her resignation at the Association May AGM, these events may cease to happen unless  a new coordinator for this St Albans group can be found.  If you are already an attendee at these St Alban events, or any other interested member in the vicinity, who would be willing to be responsible for coordinating these coffee mornings, please contact the AOUG Office – or phone 01908 653316. 

However there is also an extensive area that has had very few activities over recent years and the Association are keen to redress this situation. Therefore we are also looking for members living in any area of the East of England who might be interested in suggesting somewhere local to them, that they want to visit, that might appeal to other local members too. Then if you contact the AOUG Office, we can help you to organise and advertise this event in the hope that other local members might be interested and thus start the formation of another local group.    


Executive Representative - Jayne Littlejohn 01296 424152 Mobile 07719 405859