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Welcome to AOUG in the North West (08)

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Well, this is something I never expected to do but here goes. I am, once again, the Representative for Region 08 having been co-opted at the recent AGM. I was one of those first members who responded when asked if graduates would like to set up an organisation by Olga Camm.

Briefly, in the very early stages of AOUG the first ever Treasurer resigned through illness three weeks before the AGM at Lancaster and could not pass over the accounts. This was at the time the accounts were manually done in your spare time at home and so because of my accountancy background I was handed all the bank statements, any invoice copies held in the Office, etc., and had to re-create and present the accounts at the AGM. I then served as Treasurer and after as Regional Rep. Later another Treasurer resigned due to the onerous task and time involved and I again stepped in. Things are much easier now that the accounts are centralised and computerised in the Office at Milton Keynes.

In the intervening years I have been a continuing active member of AOUG. I took my BS Hons with the O.U. in the 1970s mainly in Humanities. One of my tutors was also a lecturer at Huddersfield University and told me of a course I might be interested in doing. I completed my Masters Degree there. When my husband died twenty years ago, I decided to press on and complete my PhD since that is what he would have wanted me to do.

I look forward to catching up with old friends and making new ones in the coming period. It will be interesting for me to see how the campus has changed at Milton Keynes. since I was last there over ten years ago.

Executive Representative Marian Corns 01706 360986

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Warrington Group and Handshake events – Margaret Stobirski 01925 263161
Merseyside – Glenys Hibbert 01519 283954